What is Neurohacking?

Neurohacking is the study and understanding of the mechanisms underlying brain function in an effort to influence and change how the brain functions. A neurohack is a discrete set of rules or methods that can be exlplained and replicated. It may involve pharmacology, tDCS, tACS, TMS, rTMS, cognitive exercises, light and sound stimulation, genentic enginering, or any other conceivable method for this end. On this page you can find resources, schematics, downloads and articles that should all be part of a neurohackers toolkit as well as guidance for aspiring neurohackers. A few things to remember, it's all theory, most of it's bad theory. If you are interested in neurohacking for self-improvement you should first ask what it is you hope to accomplish and importantly why. The healthy human brain is already equipped to perform and excell, the limiting factor is the desire to do so.

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tDCS Schematic

It should be noted that the potentiometer should be a value of 100K Ohm
and the hookup wire should be replaced with a DC cable adapter and plug instead
of wires simply exiting the case.

tDCS Electrode Placement Instructions


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